Thursday, June 19, 2014

Family ties

Bismillah.. Alhamdulillah.

Err, do you wanna build a snowman? Huh? (",)

Huhu, sedih. Nak menangis buleh dop? Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......! Why? Why should I? Huhu. It's okay Husna. Bila lagi kau nak dapat pengalaman manis cenni en? Manis ke? Errr. Okay, abaikan. Cerita dia sebenaqnya cenni. Ambe terpilih utuk buat ULBS sekali lagi. Okay lagi. Tapi, tapi! Dengan pentaksir sekolah yang datang pulak tu! Whatta? That's why i said, why should me? Hah, why? 
*merepek, tak habis-habis dengan WHY dia tu -..-*

Cenni lah muka ambe bila cikgu cakap yang ambe terpilih. Err, lebih kuranglah...

Okay, straight to the point, ambe nak share karangan yang ambe karang bersama teman ambe tadi di sekolah. Huhu. Sempat dia pesan. Hafal tau! Huhu, baik betulkan teman ambe tuu. Maklumlah, English ambe dop berapa nak terer macam teman ambe. Bak kata pepatah, sambil menyelam, minum air. Hehe. Minum lah air tu manyak mana pung, dop luak. Hehe. Terharuuu tau. Ngeee :D
Okay, ambe cuba untuk tak tengok tau karangan yang ambe karang tu. InsyaAllah ambe cuba. Fighting! 


Today, i am going to talk about family ties. I have four siblings and I am the eldest among them. I have two sisters and one brother. My brother is studying in Kedah. I don't always see him because he live far away. I am not as close to him. Whenever he is at home, we argue on little things. But, when he is at Kedah I start to miss him. Mostly our little arguments.

My sister who is a few years younger than me studies here in this school. I am not close with her as well. Our personalities are not compatible. She is rough person. But I am not afraid of her. Only at times when she is not in a good mood. Sometimes we joke around and talk about our interests like sinetrons and cartoons.

My youngest sister name is Haziqah. I'm close with her since she was a baby. I fed her. I made her milk. I play with her. We like the same colours too! Eventhough she is naughty, she is very cute and playful. I love her a lot because she is there for me when I'm down and likewise.

Eventhough my siblings have different personalities, I love them all equally because blood is thicker than water. I am always advising them to be better people. At the same time, I reflect upon the advices myself.

Thank you!

Simple je en? En? En? Hmm. Dop gapo lah kalau gitu. serahkan pada Allah jeee. Ambe dah berusaha. Semoga Allah pemudahkan urusan ambe. InsyaAllah. Huhu. 

p/s: Semoga ambe tabah menebalkan muka ambe yang dop berapa nop cantik ni, tapi comeyy actually okay. Haha. *abaikan* 

Tata, wassalam..

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