Friday, February 8, 2013

Why don’t you have any girl friends?

“Ali Mujahid, why don’t you have a girl friend?” A female counterpart of Ali asked. She was on another table which was beside Ali’s table. She was alone while Ali was with his male friend.

Ali was taken aback by the random inquiry posted. But he maintained his cool. He didn’t answer her question promptly. His eyes were gawking on the cubic-mozek-floor of the Human Sciences café – a café in IIUM.

Looking at her, he answered “Girl friends? I have many girlfriends. In fact, you are one” while making a troll face.

She laughed profoundly “Okay, I get the joke.”

He silenced, changing his face to a poker face. Emotionless.

“What I meant is, not friends who happened to be girls, but a special girlfriend. She is your soft spot in your heart” she added.

He leaned back on the not-so-comfortable chair and looked outside at the flowing river of the tarik. There was a four-foot monitor submerging joyfully in the river.  Swimming in a river of teh tarik is like swimming in a river of honey and milk that monitor thought he purported.

“I’m a guy but my heart is fragile. And I do not want to do the same with girls who owns a more delicate heart” he started off sounded monotonous. “But that is not the main reason.”

Her eyes were wide open waiting for his answer.

“I’m afraid that if I’m in a relationship, I’ll tend to remember her more than I’ll remember Allah” he explained.

“Yeah. I see. I think you’re the type of guy who will be in a serious relationship. If you love a girl, you would tell her parents and marry her not dwell on something uncertain” she added.

“Imagine you praying, submitting yourself before Allah. But the only thing that is playing on your heart during your prayer is so called sweet memories with your girlfriend. What is left of your prayer then? Nothing” His voice tone heightened a little bit.

“My heart is not for her, but it is for Him. I will try my best not to spoil it with any impurities. I will let my heart be stolen by someone only after she affirms to me she’ll help me remember Allah” he continued.


Don’t talk about marriage if you don’t have financial stability.
Don’t talk about being in a relationship if you aren’t ready.

Ohha! Sayes comel~ :')

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