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Oppa Gangnam Style and a kid

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One random morning, since it was the weekends, I decided to go to KLCC. My place of interest is not TVG KLCC Suria or i-Setan or Petrosains but the Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya. Even though it is a bookstore own by a Japanese corporation, it is by far the best and largest bookstore in Malaysia (but it is way too expensive but has almost all the books you want).

I usually go to Kino when I feel lonely, depressed or in agony. Nothing beats the feeling of comfort when you are in the company of books. That’s why I rather go alone there. I can spend all the time there. That day, I spent almost half the day today at Kino with the company of my girl-friends (books) by my side of course.

After reading books and buying some, I decided to call it a day. Well, I’ve spent the whole afternoon and evening there. I prayed Isya’ prayer at the Suria KLCC’s musolla situated at the lowest level. Took my ablution and started praying following the Jamaah.

During the jamaah prayer at Suria KLCC’s musolla, on the ruku’ of the second rakaah, a guy’s caller ringtone rang. To my surprise, the ringtone was the world’s famous song, the “Oppa Gangnam Style.”

That is not surprising yet, wait for the best part. There was a little kid, praying beside me, when we were performing our ruku’, I was distracted by the little boy who was moving his head following the rhythm of the song!

At first I couldn’t believe it. Maybe he was sleepy and moved his head to hush his drowsiness in prayer. But the boy stopped moving his head which was rocking back and forth only after the guy muted the song!

Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment

I was smiling but sad all the way until I finished the prayer. I’m smiling because he is still a kid and still has time to improve himself. But I’m sad to see my little brothers not being taught properly about life’s struggle.

Entertainment has become the way of life. That is why people are willing to accept “Oppa Gangnam Style” without understanding completely what is it. Just because it looks entertaining with unique dancing gestures, people accept it.

This article is not to ridicule “Oppa Gangnam Style” of any sort. Psy has its own way of conveying its message. According to these two links (1) and (2), I can sum up that Psy’s “Oppa Gangnam Style” is actually a criticism towards lofty life style and materialism to the people of “Gangnam.”

But the meaning of the song has been masked by the way it is presented. Psy should write an article or verbally explain the meaning so that people of the world would understand his true intentions of creating such song.

If not, many people will misunderstand its real meaning, like for instance, the little boy praying beside, who was rocking his head back and forth. I’m not surprised if they are more numbers of kids blinded by “entertainment.”

The children of today, specifically in Malaysia are intensely taught about entertainment more than struggle/intellectuality/education. Just look in the TV shows, which one is larger in number, the TV shows that promote entertainment or TV shows that promote intellectuality?

I’m very uncomfortable with Mania’s “Superstar”, a TV show that trains kids, mostly girls, to be dancers and entertainers. Which are more important, teaching kids on how to become warriors or dancers? What would they be when they grow up? Dance until they rot?

It may be okay for non-Muslims to embrace entertainment, to be dancers and what not, but for Muslims living in an Islamic country like Malaysia, is this how we represent Islam?

Imagine if the Palestinian children were not taught to be warriors, Palestine will not be able to repel the series of Israeli attacks on them.

Bro Azman Samsuddin (the Mazi Marmara Hero) shared in one of his talks about his personal experience intermingling with the people of Gaza.

The children of Gaza, as young as the kid praying beside me are trained to be tough, if anyone, outsiders or insiders wish to give money to the children as a form of charity, they will refuse the money because they are taught to earn money instead.


Don’t view “Oppa Gangnam Style” as something all negative. But perceive it as a challenge. It has received a standing ovation from all around the world, what about Islamic Dakwah?

Are we at par yet? Has every living soul accepted Islam with open arms yet?

Never stop spreading Islam.

We are the real avengers.


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Puteri Afiqah said...

agree :)
sekarang ni ada macam2 hiburan yang melalaikan kita terutamanya pada kanak2..

*saya memang tak minat gangnam style..